Where To Buy Townhouses In Toronto

Where To Buy Townhouses In Toronto

Being Canada’s busiest city, Toronto has been quite busy with several real estate development projects these past few years. Their economy is also one of the country’s fastest developing, and it comes as no surprise that investors flock in the city. In line with this, more and more immigrants are also interested in moving and settling down in Toronto.

It is close to the city and is a great place to be when you are into business and enjoy the city life. It is also close enough to be somewhere calm where you can relax and destress after a long day from work. Toronto has been known to offer its residents quite the best of both worlds, which also attracts more and more people to live there as well.

Choosing a place to buy in Toronto will take quite a while not because there are not enough homes available, but because there are too much homes to choose from. There has even been an issue about Toronto being overcrowded with townhouses, single family homes, and even condominium buildings.

The question will just be where in Toronto should you buy a home, or more specifically, a townhouse?

  1. Oakville Region. One of Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) fastest progressing regions is Oakville. It houses most of the newest development projects in Toronto, including spacious and impeccably designed townhouses. Oakville provides a great ambiance exuded by the villages flocking around it, where you will be surrounded by trees and flowers. There is a homey vibe that goes on around the place, and anyone will surely fall in love with how the region is developed. It is being designed to be a convenient community where everything will be within reach without much effort.
  2. Markham/York Region. This is one of Toronto’s most sought after locations. People have this as a favorite because of its proximity to major establishments that we recognize as needs-grocery shops, transportation stations, gyms, schools. Most home buyers look at how strategic the location is. It is certainly not wise to buy a house that is located far from where you work or go to school. There is no use to live somewhere that will take you a long while before you get to your everyday destination.
  3. Oshawa/Durkham Region. There have been high end townhouse developments in this area which is why properties around it have gone pricier as well. The high prices are no surprise at all because of the understated elegance exuded by the homes around the area. When you look around the place, you know it is the place for people who do not mind putting much value on where they live. Townhouses located in this region are perfect for home buyers who see their houses as an investment for their future. By the looks of it, properties in this location are bound to gain more value in the long run.
  4. Mississauga/Peel Region. Being known as Toronto’s shopping capital, Mississauga has gained attention from young professionals. It houses among the most reputable malls around the city, and also has luxury homes and condominium buildings. Townhouses have been in the region for many years now, and still continue in making a buzz in the real estate market. Properties in Mississauga are located near malls and shops, which makes them even more appealing. Even retirees choose to buy a Mississauga townhouse because of its great views of the lake, and its countryside feel despite being so close to the city.
  5. City of Toronto. What better area in Toronto can you buy a townhouse in apart from its very own city? Downtown Toronto has been full of well-designed and almost immaculate townhouses that do not skimp on space and looks. Its townhouse developments range from low rise to high rise, as their prices. There is absolutely something for everyone in the City of Toronto. Townhouses can be pricey, but whether you would prefer to buy or rent a townhouse, you surely will enjoy quite a lot of options in here. The advantage is of course being at the heart of where huge things happen, and being close to almost anywhere you would want to be. No more wasted time due to travel before getting to your destination.

Why choose a townhouse in Toronto rather than a condo?

  • A townhouse provides the perks of a single family home, except that it is attached. Then again, there is no denying that a person who owns a townhouse has more rights in personalizing the house as opposed to those of one who lives in a condo unit.
  • There is absolutely more privacy and security. Townhouses nowadays also provide the comfort of security, since more and more real estate developments boast of how their villages and buildings are gated and protected with well-trained and well-equipped security men.
  • Owning a townhouse gives you ownership over your home exteriors. When you buy a townhouse, the garden in front is yours. The balcony is yours, the lawn is yours—as long as those are in front of your very home. On the other hand, when you buy a condo, you only get to own the interior.
  • Townhouses can be as high as three stories. Condos can be two stories, but that is about it; whereas townhouses can have more stories. You have the chance to have a higher living area and the space is usually wider in a townhouse as compared to that of a condo unit.

Townhouses have been famous in the urban areas because of how it is more affordably priced as compared to single family homes. It was developed for the city, but since even country sides nowadays get a taste of the city life, even they have also gotten townhouse developments.

Even so, a person buying a townhouse should always think of the location. There are gated townhouse developments, yes, but your location still matter in terms of your safety and security. Your location also affects how the home is priced, and will also affect your everyday life. Your location should match your lifestyle, and should also complement your taste.

Choose a location where you feel most at home, and use that judgment to buy the perfect home for you.



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