New Condo Developments in Toronto – Museum Flats

New Condo Developments In Toronto Area

highrise-towers-ministry-home-affairs-40374-largeToronto has always been the cultural and business center of eastern Canada. With one of the largest diverse populations in Canada, every year hundreds of thousands of new individuals, teams, and families migrate and call Toronto their home or base of operations.  Toronto boasts one of the most unique social and economic environments and is rapidly expanding to include something for everyone from various parts of the globe.

As a result, the cost of living is skyrocketing. It has been increasingly difficult for homebuyers and would be tenants to find suitable affordable housing with projections for single family homes rising to the millions in the next ten years.  The Canadian housing market bubble has been heavily debated as not stable in the past few years. However, this year, the market has begun showing signs of stabilizing whilst still increasing.  Homes and condominiums that were worth in the hundreds of thousands are doubling and even tripling in worth as the ability to house the massive influx of new people has trouble meeting the demand.
For the investor, the home maker, or just the curious AirBnber, Toronto’s condominium market offers a substantial amount of opportunities with constant new development projects appearing out of what is seemingly thin air.  Each project has its own unique target and flair with features that make each more competitive than the last for earning its potential tenants’ attention and inevitably their dollar.

Museum Flats


pexels-photo-largeMuseum Flts is a new development that has been making waves in the Toronto Condo market.  Located in the Junction Triangle, Museum Flats is a part of a revitalization project meant to stimulate the area with the creation of new housing opportunities and new businesses. The influx of new tenants with money in the area in conjunction with the creation of new businesses will ideally foster development.

With a focus on the alternative, Museum Flts will be catered toward the artists and would be business owners that live in the surrounding area, and would ideally provide a haven for stimulating conversation and potential collaborations.  Located near massive parks, recreation grounds, the zoo and more, convenience is close.  With its community oriented setup, bold design, and attempt to be a Hub.

Museum Flats once completed will provide an environment unlike any other for the new transplants in the Toronto area.  While its price point has not been settled upon, the opportunity to save big looms as the impending closing day for registration gets closer and closer.  The safest option is to put your bid/registration in now and potentially save thousands of dollars.


Axiom’s biggest sell to its potential customers is convenience. Located only a short distance from Sugar Beach & St. Laurence Market, it’s aim is to present a luxurious comfortable space that offers both lavish and inexpensive activities to enjoy whilst on leisure time.  With a collection of boutiques, shopping malls, delicious restaurants and other culinary destinations, Axiom is a steal.  In the next ten years, it’s worth is expected to triple.

Located at the intersection of Adelaide street, the main entrance to the Axiom complex is a modern art influenced walkway that catches the eye and is more reminiscent of an episode of Black Mirror than a castle.  It’s futuristic avante garde design flows throughout the building with high ceilings, tasteful art selections in the lobby, and a comfortable but slightly minimalistic design focus that continues into the suites.


Obviously named for its location on Danforth avenue, the Danforth condo project stakes its claim as one of the most luxurious and up and coming places to reside.  The architecture’s focus is on being as bold as possible. With massive sprawling balconies and matching windows that call to mind an almost ridiculousness to its elegance, it finds balance in its location within an abundance of shops and dining options in a comfortable relatively quiet neighborhood.

The space features amenities such as a private dining room, an elegant rooftop terrace area with an incredible view of the city.  While its design seems to evoke the feeling of a hotel, the environment the Danforth will cultivate will attempt to balance all of the small town comforts and amenities with luxury and a hint of the city life’s conveniences.

Making Your Choice

There are an abundance of opportunities popping up. The options are equally abundant with the only impetus for finding exactly what you are looking for in a condominium project hinging on what you are willing to spend, how long you are willing to wait, how well you research, and where you are willing to live.  The Danforth offers luxury and elegance in a well-crafted and overthought package.  The Axiom offers convenience and historic opportunity. The Museum Flats project offers social change and the opportunity for economic and artistic cultivation and stimulation in an interesting area.